Hear from top experts at the Annual Scientific Meeting


At the Annual Scientific Meeting Nov. 10-14 in San Francisco, we have great plenaries, workshops and even fun networking events for you to attend. But we also have leaders in the allergy-immunology field who are ready to speak to you about topics that will impact your practice. Our featured lectures embody the high standards and achievements of the physicians for whom the lectures are named. You won’t want to miss them.
  • Keynote Presentation, “The Care in Caring: Finding What Is Timeless In an Era of Change,” Nov. 12 – Best-selling author Abraham Verghese, MD, MACP, will give our new keynote presentation. Hear how to preserve personal well-being and career satisfaction while adapting to change.
  • John P. McGovern Lecture, “Sublingual vs. Subcutaneous Immunotherapy: A Randomized Controlled Trial,” Nov. 12 – Stephen Durham, MD, will present cutting-edge data applicable to immunotherapy treatment decisions.
  • Bela Schick Lecture, “”MOC”k-e-y Mouse – Is MOC Really “Mickey Mouse” for the Allergist?” Nov. 13 – Mark Corbett, MD, FACAAI, will discuss controversial issues other boards have with MOC – and changes in ABAI MOC and how these can potentially help your practice. 
  • Daniel J. Goodman Lecture, “Safely Transitioning the Food Allergic Patient to College,” Nov. 13 – David Stukus, MD, FACAAI, will focus on issues specific to teenagers with food allergies as they adjust to independent living after high school. Allergists can play an important role in this transition and this session will provide practical tips to help their patients. 
  • Bernard Berman Memorial Lecture, “The Role of the Inflammasome in Immunity and Disease,” Nov. 14 – Hal Hoffman, MD, will talk about how a second generation allergist discovered an important innate immune protein that is not only responsible for a rare inherited urticarial disorder but also several more common inflammatory diseases.
Register for the meeting today – and we’ll see you in San Francisco! 

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