Indispensable practice insights


Come a little early to the Annual Meeting for Practice Essentials, Nov. 10. It’s both a deep dive into immunotherapy and a practice management boot camp. You’ll leave with everything you need to know about immunotherapy – and running an efficient practice.

On Thursday morning, experts will cover immunotherapy in a session titled Immunotherapy From Noon Until Tomorrow. You will get a historical perspective, a look at an evidence-based review of currently available immunotherapy strategies, and peer into the future at novel applications for respiratory and food allergies.

Then, get your combat boots and fatigues on for our afternoon of Practice Management Boot Camp.  Six, 30-minute talks will highlight topics important to practice management. From billing and coding and new payment models to marketing your practice, we cover it all. You’ll even get a perspective on what allergists can learn from their office managers.

Register now and add Practice Essentials to your schedule.  Remember to add some extra travel time so you can walk away from the Annual Meeting with all the new insights and knowledge available.

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