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Welcome to Seattle!

I’m so happy to welcome everyone to this year’s Annual Meeting in Seattle! We have several new features and formats this year – as well as all your returning favorites.

Our Program Committee got together to create an all-new, best-ever Annual Meeting experience. We took feedback from attendees and developed a program perfect for allergists at any stage in their journey. Our theme is “Practice Empowerment” – and this meeting will give you the tools, research and treatments to power up your practice. So, now that you’re here, what should you make sure to attend?

Check out new session formats:

Ask the Expert Roundtables

During these sessions, you will select up to four roundtable topics from a variety of options, all related to an overarching theme. Participants will rotate through each topic for 15 to 20-minute discussions facilitated by a topic expert at the roundtable. Our experts will briefly talk about the topic at hand, covering any recent updates, and the rest of the time will be open for your questions – so come prepared!

Clinical Conundrums

These interactive, case-based sessions explore novel, complex or nouveau cases from practice, with two to three cases per session. Each case will be broken down into three phases: history/testing, diagnosis and treatment options. Attendees answer a multiple-choice question for each phase, revealing their opinion of best practice. Each speaker will then discuss the actual outcomes of the case and provide a rationale for their methods.

Interdisciplinary Panel Sessions

These moderator-led sessions include a panel of three leaders from related specialties giving their perspectives on two emergent allergy/immunology issues in community health.

Practical Applications at Work Seminars

These sessions address how clinical guidelines and patient decision aids unite to improve patient experience and care.

Problem-based Learning

These PBL sessions will be topic-themed and highlight best practices. Each will address two selected cases. Attendees will discuss the appropriate evaluation of patients, the stepwise approach to treatment and management and any potential uses for biologics.

And don’t miss:

Presidential Plenary

On Saturday, join a special review of adult and pediatric network studies from the past three decades. What have we learned from the adult and pediatric studies? More importantly, how can you put these historical discoveries to use in your practice every day? Attend to find out!

Welcome Reception

Meet up with old friends and make new ones on Friday evening. This year, we’re upping the ante to bring you enhanced food options and a full open bar that you won’t want to miss. Connect with colleagues about the day’s sessions or just catch up as you unwind with a tasty drink, good food and delightful music.

The Annual FIT Bowl

Always a favorite at the Annual Meeting – with rowdy onlookers cheering for their favorite teams. This year, you have no reason not to stop in on Saturday! We’ll be serving up some very tasty hors d’oeuvres, and you can enjoy an open beer and wine bar as well. Bryan Martin, DO, FACAAI, will take his place once again moderating, as he has so expertly and entertainingly done for the past 20+ years.

I sincerely hope you have a fantastic experience at this year’s Annual Meeting. Please feel free to give us feedback, as well – it will help improve future meetings.

Todd A. Mahr, MD, FACAAI
President-elect & Program Chair

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