Electronic posters are a vital part of your meeting experience. The posters and presentation schedule will be searchable and accessible 24/7 from your meeting app, dedicated stations near the e-posters in the exhibit hall or online.

Two categories of e-posters are included. Scientific research e-posters feature new studies and research in the field of allergy/immunology. Medically challenging case e-posters highlight the management of novel or very uncommon diseases, the unusual presentation of a disease or something unusual masquerading as common.

Each e-poster has been assigned a specific presentation time in which the author will present their research from a dedicated presentation monitor and answer questions.

Presentations will take place in Halls A3 & B3 (Level 3) of the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Monitors 1-6: Medically Challenging Cases – hear about unusual cases.
Monitors 7-11: Scientific Research – learn about the latest studies.

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