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Allison Ramsey, MD

Q: Why did you become an allergist?

A:  I trained in internal medicine, and although I loved internal medicine, it was apparent that many therapies did not necessarily result in improved patient quality of life. My experiences in allergy/immunology in medical school and residency were different – I saw the improvement in patient quality of life through immunotherapy addressing their environmental allergies. I saw the relief in children's and parents’ eyes when a food allergy was outgrown. The difference in a newly controlled asthmatic was obvious in their demeanor and with objective testing. Improving patient quality of life attracted me to A/I and remains gratifying to me.

The wide range of patient age and health status seen in A/I also was appealing for me. One can see a six month old for food allergy, followed by a twenty year old for asthma, followed by a ninety year old for multiple drug allergies. The different disease states and perspectives lends welcome variety to days.

A large part of professional satisfaction to me is enjoying the medical team I work with. This was true when I was considering allergy/immunology and continues to be true. The teamwork between physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, patient care technicians, office staff, and patients can be such an admirable effort in allergy/immunology, and I feel fortunate to live this with my career. My local colleagues and those across the country inspire me.

If I could rewind and chose again, would I pick allergy? Without hesitation.

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