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Jay Portnoy, MD

I became an allergist because as a resident I treated many patients who had asthma and was certain that there had to be a better way to it than I was being taught. The allergy fellows at my institution seemed to have a better way, so I did an allergy rotation to learn it.

During that rotation, I discovered the importance of environmental exposures on health and how to test for sensitivity to allergens using skin and blood tests. After that I was hooked.

I applied for an allergy fellowship and went to the University of Michigan where I studied mold allergy and learned to identify pollen and mold. From there I returned to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City where I was privileged to work with a great staff and excellent allergy fellows.

The ability to mentor young allergists over the years has been an honor. I also got involved in allergy professional societies such as the ACAAI where I met colleagues who have become like family members. I would recommend allergy as a profession to any young physician who is trying to decide what to do.

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