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M. Razi Rafeeq, MD

Q: Why did you become an allergist?

A:  I went into allergy & immunology because during my residency, I saw many adults and children with asthma attacks coming into the ER. I wanted to help them breathe better and improve their quality of life. To this day, I find my specialty to be as rewarding as when I first joined. This is one of the few specialties that allows for seeing patients of all ages. Because many conditions run in families, it allows me to see multiple family members and also several generations.

The investigative nature of the work on a day-to-day basis is interesting and challenging. In my practice, I see a variety of chronic conditions that range from minor nuisances to life-threatening situations. I see both common conditions such as asthma and allergic rhinitis as well as rare diseases such as immune deficiency disorders. Not only do I enjoy figuring out the correct diagnosis and triggers, but also the right combination of treatment options to improve patients’ lives. With increasing prevalence of conditions associated with food and environmental allergies, it is exciting to work with cutting-edge treatment options. In a typical day, I have both patient visits and a variety of procedures such as skin testing, food and drug challenges, and pulmonary tests. As a specialist in community practice, I enjoy occasional hospital consults.

I love sharing my expertise with others in the community. The lifestyle of my specialty affords me opportunities to meet and interact with students, residents and other healthcare professionals. I enjoy teaching the general public (e.g. media) to promote awareness of these conditions.

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