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Mark Corbett, MD

Q: Why did you become an allergist?

A:  Unlike many other allergists, I was a late comer to medicine. After finishing my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, I decided to go into medicine instead of pursuing a career in engineering.

Once I entered medical school, I remembered my younger brother battling with severe asthma with many hospitalizations and using a home nebulizer back in the 1970s. My father still tells the story of him turning blue in the car and dad holding his head out the window to get air into his lungs. I knew that he was a normal kid when not sick and my goal was to work with patients to prevent those attacks.

During clinical rotations in my third year of medical school, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. John Karibo, who was in private practice and also served as the co -director at the training program in Allergy in Louisville. Even though he was in his mid-50s, a time at which many of the other physicians I was exposed to in medical school seemed to be having burnout, I still recall the fun he had taking care of patients and the enjoyment he had with the profession. He had the perfect mix of medicine and family life, and I realized that I could be an outstanding allergist for my patients and enjoy spending time with my wife and children.

Allergy has offered me everything that I was looking for in a medical career and I can think of no better profession!

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