29th Annual ACAAI FIT Bowl


Supported by DBV Technologies

The ACAAI FIT Bowl – now in its 29th consecutive year – is patterned after a popular TV quiz show. This year, 19 teams competed in preliminary rounds and 4 will complete for the coveted FIT Bowl trophy. The teams will test their knowledge, cleverness and ability to listen and quickly respond to questions in this fast-paced event.

The questions have been developed by a variety of sources and encompass a wide range of topics including all aspects of allergy/immunology and the history of our profession.

The evening is designed to be fun, light-hearted and educational. The first FIT Bowl was conceived by the late Dr. John Selner (ACAAI President 1992-93), and introduced at the College’s 50th Anniversary meeting. Dr. Selner turned to Dr. Kevin Murphy to bring his idea to life and Drs. Bryan Martin and Kevin Murphy have co-chaired the FIT Bowl ever since.

The emcee for this year’s program will be Dr. Bryan Martin.

Final Round

Team 1
Drs. Jun Mendoza and Samuel Weiss
Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center

Team 2
Drs. Luke Pittman and Aubri Waters
NCC at Walter Reed National Military Med. Ctr.

Team 3
Drs. Venkatesh Sabhae-Gangadharappa and Alexander Babazadeh
SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Team 4
Drs. Monica Kraft and Dylan Timberlake
Ohio State University


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