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ACAAI Leaderboard Competition

Thank you to everyone who is participating in the Leaderboard Competition. Due to an early glitch in tabulating points, some early birds have already exceeded the 15,000 maximum points. This is due to excess points being awarded for the “briefcase” click action. Excess points will be deducted at the end of the meeting to ensure fair and accurate competition. Remember – if there is a tie for top scorer, there will be a drawing to determine the winner. And everyone who meets the 13,000 minimum points will be entered into a separate drawing. So keep playing and enjoy the competition!

Throughout the meeting, attendees can collect points to qualify for valuable prizes. After logging in to the virtual meeting platform, click on the trophy icon on the upper right corner of your screen to display the leaderboard. You’ll automatically earn tokens and points by visiting various booths in the exhibit hall and participating in other meeting activities. Check the leaderboard throughout the weekend to see who’s winning!

How to play

Leaderboard token image (ACAAI spore logo)
Look for this token in participating booths and select locations throughout the virtual meeting!
  1. Refer to the list of token locations and actions that will earn points. You can receive points for each location or action one time during the meeting.

  2. Find the Leaderboard (trophy icon) on the upper right of your screen when you log in to the virtual meeting.

  3. Find the token in each participating booth to earn points. Each industry booth token is worth 1,000 points, for a total of up to 11,000 points.

  4. Also find tokens placed in other locations throughout the virtual meeting. These have been assigned points ranging from 200 to 500, for a possible total of 2,000.

  5. Additional points will be awarded for taking specific actions, such as participating in a chat or viewing a video. Clicking to take these actions can earn you additional points, up to 2,000.

  6. Click on the Leaderboard icon throughout the meeting to see your score and check who’s in the lead. Maximum possible points = 15,000

All activities to earn tokens and points must be completed by 4:30 pm CST on Sunday, November 15.


Top Scorer prizes: The top 5 scorers on the Leaderboard will each receive a $250 Amazon gift card. In the event of a tie for the top five places, names will be drawn from among the tied participants, for a maximum of 5 “top scorer” prizes.

Raffle prizes: Collect at least 13,000 points to qualify for the raffle prizes. In addition to the 5 “top scorer” prizes, all players who have a minimum of 13,000 points will be entered into a drawing for (1 of 4) $250 Amazon gift cards. An individual may win either a “top scorer” prize or a raffle prize, but not both.

Winners will be notified by e-mail during the week of November 16, 2020.

Earning points

You can earn up to 15,000 points by collecting tokens and taking actions throughout the virtual meeting! Here are all the ways to score:

Collect tokens from participating exhibitors
Aimmune Therapeutics   1,000 points
ALK-Abelló, Inc   1,000 points
AstraZeneca – FASENRA® (benralizumab)   1,000 points
Amgen/AstraZeneca   1,000 points
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   1,000 points
Grifols USA, LLC.   1,000 points
Lincoln Diagnostics Inc   1,000 points
Purina Institute   1,000 points
Purina Pro Plan LiveClear   1,000 points
Ruconest   1,000 points
Stallergenes Greer   1,000 points

Collect tokens from special locations
College Booth   500 points
Foundation Booth   300 points
Networking Lounge   300 points
Resource Center   300 points
Lobby   200 points
Session chat room   300 points
E-poster room   100 points


Open the public chat window in the Networking Lounge   300 points
Watch the full Welcome video in the lobby each day   100 points each (300 points total)
Open the "College Resources” video in the College Booth   300 points
Attend the Presidential Plenary on Friday morning   400 points
Attend “It’s Time to Individualize Our Approach to Diagnosis and Testing” on Saturday morning   300 points
Attend “The Influence of Social Media on Patients and Medical Decision Making” on Sunday afternoon   200 points
Download an item to your virtual briefcase   200 points
Please note: Each action counts ONCE towards the Leaderboard, even if you click on that item multiple times during the meeting.

Leaderboard competition rules subject to change until the start of the contest. Check here for the most current information.

Daily Twitter Contest

For each day of the meeting, we will award a prize for the “Most Engaging Tweet.” The tweet with the highest number of combined Likes, Shares, Retweets and Comments by 4:30 pm CST each day will be judged “Most Engaging.” One or more online Twitter aggregators/analytics generators will be used to monitor the conversation. The College will not share, retweet or comment on tweets until each day’s contest is complete.

Each day’s winning tweet will have been posted that same day. Remember, our goal is to generate excitement and information sharing among allergy professionals and the public about the great learning happening at our meeting.

Only registered attendees of the ACAAI virtual Annual Scientific Meeting are eligible to win. ONLY tweets about the ACAAI virtual Annual Scientific Meeting will qualify, and must contain the meeting hashtag: #ACAAI20. Only individual attendees may win. Companies and media entities are not eligible. Promoted tweets are not eligible. Any tweet that is deemed disrespectful or not in keeping with professional standards will be disqualified.


$200 Amazon gift card each day to the top tweet. An individual may only win once during the meeting.

In case of a tie, winners will be determined in a drawing. Winners will be verified and notified the week of November 16.

Daily Social Media Challenges

Join us in these “just for fun” selfie challenges – post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. And help make our Sunday “Twitter Storm” a success! Be sure to include the hashtag #ACAAI20

Friday Fitness Selfie

Let’s see how many attendees we can get to post a pic of themselves engaging in a fitness activity in the morning to get pumped up for the meeting. Print the “On my way to #ACAAI20” graphic, or get crafty and make your own version, and pin it t to your shirt or jacket if you go for a walk, run or elliptical ride, and share a selfie! #ACAAI20 #FridayFitness

Saturday Foundation Selfie

Share a pic of yourself holding up the “I support the Allergists' Foundation” printable sign (or design your own version). #ACAAI2020 #AllergistsFoundation

And don’t forget to visit the Allergists’ Foundation booth to make your tax deductible donation!

Sunday Twitter Storm

Let’s create a storm of tweets all at once to talk about the meeting! At 2:30 CST on Sunday, everybody tweet about their favorite part of the meeting so far! #ACAAI20 #SundayStorm

Signature Drink

During the Annual Meeting, visit the Networking Lounge for some fun and relaxation. Want to try making our signature cocktail or mocktail? It’s a play on the Phoenix theme as well as a nod to allergists, and it’s called the “Breathe Easy.”

Assemble your ingredients in advance

  • Apple cider

  • Club soda

  • Gin

  • Lemon juice

  • Agave nectar (may substitute honey)

  • Cayenne pepper

  • Cinnamon stick

  • Apple slice

  • Fresh thyme

If you're making the mocktail version, skip the gin and use a sage garnish instead of thyme.

Check out the how-to video in the Networking Lounge to mix your own Breathe Easy!

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