Explore new frontiers at the Annual Meeting

It’s not too early to begin thinking about our Annual Scientific Meeting, Nov. 7–11 in Houston. Join us for New Frontiers – Advocating for Patients, Practices and Research! We are infusing great energy and fresh ideas to make the meeting an event you won’t want to miss.

“New Frontiers” is a fitting theme for our wide range of sessions, including:

International Food Allergy Symposium

We’ve gathered an all-star lineup of thought leaders from across the world to take this symposium to the next level. The all-day immersive program on Thursday, Nov. 7 features six international and 12 national experts discussing cutting-edge aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research. The day will end with the Texas Pro/Con Thunderdome – three back-to-back debates where two allergists enter and one allergist leaves. 

"Last year we created a new College meeting experience."
— Todd A. Mahr, MD
ACAAI president

7 for 11

What can you learn in 11 minutes? Seven speakers will each have just 11 minutes to update you on a specific topic. Hot topics include pediatric allergy, asthma and immunology. This session will include speakers from the American Academy of Pediatrics – Section of Allergy & Immunology.

ACAAI Allergen Extract Mixer Training Program

An unprecedented session, offering a half day of didactic presentations on fulfilling the expectations of the revised USP 797, followed by a half day hands-on workshop, where attendees will be properly outfitted, participate in area sterilization techniques, perform individualized media fill and glove tip testing. The session will conclude with a brief exam and certificates of completion will be awarded to those who successfully pass. 

Over the last few years, the Annual Meeting has been successfully refocused and reimagined. “Last year we created a new College meeting experience with expert roundtables, clinical conundrums, interdisciplinary panels and practice application seminars. These new session types were so well received that we will be offering them again this year,” said ACAAI President Todd A. Mahr, MD, FACAAI.

There is more to come! Stay tuned for additional information. Registration opens in early August.

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